What is in ACETOCARE?
When taking ACETOCARE, do I have to choose between medical and holistic doctors?
How effective is it?
How is this different from a drug?
If I have surgery, should I stop taking the ACETOCARE?
I heard that sometimes with ACETOCARE, cancer markers rise. Why?
How long do I have to take the ACETOCARE Protocol?
Can the ACETOCARE Protocol be used for any type of cancer?
How does the ACETOCARE work?
Do you have more information on the ACETOCARE?
Are there any contraindications?
Can I take the ACETOCARE when and if I am pregnant?
Do I have to take the ACETOCARE with other supplements, or can I just take it alone?
What are the Dietary Guidelines when I am taking ACETOCARE?


Acetocare™ is a professional formula scientifically designed to restore essential nutrients lost due to stress, aging, and disease. This therapeutic formula contains 16 vitamins, 8 macro and 72 trace minerals, 32 herbs, and 1a patented Enzyme Delivery System. When used as adjunct therapy for certain diseases, AcetoCare assists to greatly reduce negative side-effects and patient suffering. Unlike common, over-the-counter multivitamins, the higher potency and proprietary ingredients in AcetoCare™ offer greater nutritional benefits. AcetoCare™ has been formulated to enhance bones/muscles, brain/memory, heart/circulatory function, mood, eyesight, metabolism, immune system, hormone support and digestive system. Please review the clinical information provided or you can download a PDF file on the product.

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