FulMinTM is a black this ancient plant powder, untainted by man for 10,000 years yet not yet fossilized like humic shale or other mineral sources.  It is not rock, but plant.  Harvested from veins of untouched ancient plant deposits buried by bentonite clay and volcanic ash in the virgin soils of southern Utah and then leached by a water process to draw all out only the minerals. 

FulMinTM has been tested an found to contain high concentrations of *Fulvic Acid (up to 12%) a highly beneficial organic acid used in detoxification of heavy metals and immune boosting properties.

NutraNomics has added 100% organic fruit flavors to FulMinTM and provide it for you in an easy to use, totally organic flavored beverage in a 450ml bottle.

Recommended serving size15 to 20 ml/day