Protease:Breaks down proteins.
Amylase:Breaks down starches, carbohydrates, and some sugars.
Lipase:Breaks down fats.
Cellulase:Breaks down soluble dietary fibers.
Sucrase:Breaks down cane and beet sugar.
Maltase:Breaks down malt or grain sugar.
Lactase:Breaks down milk sugar.
Alpha Galactosidase:Breaks down glycolipids and glycoproteins.
Coral Calcium:Calcium is the main component of teeth and
bones. Helps regulate blood pressure, excitability of nerves and
contractibility of muscles and heart. Helps control blood clotting

Magnesium Yeast:A magnesium rich in salt of citric acid.
Zinc Yeast:Zinc plays an essential role in RNA and DNA,
involvement in growth, development and reproduction.
Cinnamon Cassia:The trade and use of cinnamon has a
documented history of over 4000 years. Recently many studies
have proven its effectiveness as an anti-viral, anti-cancer, and an
effective treatment for diabetes.
and required for absorption of B-12. Aids in manufacture of
acetylcholine, which helps transmit nerve impulses. Provides
energy and structures protein of RNA and DNA.